Marriage Cops: Documentary

Marriage Cops: Documentary


Marriage Cops is a documentary film that examines the state of marriage and family in contemporary India through daily life at the Women's Help Line in Dehradun. The Help Line is a marital counseling center run by the state police and staffed by all women officers. It is the place where unhappy couples go to seek relief from their domestic troubles´┐Żabusive spouses, deadbeat dads, cheating wives and interfering mothers-in-law´┐Ż the Help Line sees it all.

The officers who work at the Help Line don´┐Żt have any formal training in counseling or mediation outside of their police academy training.

Directed by Shashwati Talukdar and Cheryl Hess, the project has received the prestigious grant from the Tribeca Film Institute. The film is scheduled for release in early 2018.

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