Caitlin A. Durkovich

In May 2012, President Obama appointed Ms. Caitlin A. Durkovich Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection. In this role, she leads the Departments efforts to strengthen public-private partnerships and coordinate programs to protect the Nation's critical infrastructure, assess and mitigate risk, build resilience, and strengthen incident response and recovery. Previously, Ms. Durkovich served as the National Protection and Programs Directorates Chief of Staff, overseeing day-to-day management of the Directorate and the development of internal policy and strategic planning.

In 2001, Ms. Durkovich worked with former Oklahoma Congressman Dave McCurdy to launch the Internet Security Alliance, a joint project of the Electronics Industries Alliance and the Computer Emergency Response Center at Carnegie Mellon University, promoting security intelligence and best practices to Fortune 1000 companies. In this capacity, she worked closely with such industry leaders as VISA USA, Sony, Raytheon, and Intuit to develop the first voluntary information security practices for the private sector, published in 2002.

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