Jenny Menna

Ms. Menna oversees the branch within NCSD that includes the Critical Infrastructure Protection Cyber Security, Control Systems Security, Outreach & Awareness, and Cyber Exercise programs. She was previously the Director, Critical Infrastructure Protection - Cyber Security for the National Cyber Security Division.

The Critical Infrastructure Protection Cyber Security (CIP CS) Program strengthens preparedness by partnering with the public and private sectors to improve the security of the Information Technology (IT) Sector and cyber security across the Nation's critical infrastructures.

Ms. Menna also formerly served as the Deputy Director of the Infrastructure Partnerships branch in the Office of Infrastructure Protection. Prior to joining the Department of Homeland Security, Ms. Menna held a variety of program management roles for a large systems integration firm. She received both her M.A. and B.A. from the University of Chicago and is a certified Project Management Professional.

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