Margaret M. Moore

Ms. Moore started her law enforcement career in New York City in 1973. She served as an undercover narcotics police officer and in June, 1976 she joined the New York Office of the Treasury Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) responsible for the enforcement of the federal explosive, firearms and arson laws.

Ms. Moore was promoted to positions of increased responsibility to become that agency's first woman Special Agent in Charge and retired in 1999 after 23 years as the highest ranking woman agent, Deputy Assistant Director for Science and Technology. In that position her responsibilities included oversight for the forensic labs, which successfully linked evidence involving Eric Robert Rudolf to the Atlanta Olympic Park bombing, the Sandy Springs clinic bombing and the Otherside Lounge, both located in Atlanta.

As a former ATF agent Ms. Moore is very familiar with clinic violence in the United States having investigated incidents from the early 1980's as well as having oversight and responsibility for the conduct of explosive and arson investigations relating to clinic violence which to date has totaled over 260 actual incidents nationwide.

Ms. Moore is considered an expert on anti-abortion extremist violence (domestic terrorism) and conducts training for police departments in the United States, Ireland and Australia. The focus of the training is on history of the extremist movement, what local police need to know to respond effectively, assessing the threat of violence, developing security protocols and implementation of security plans.

Ms. Moore joined the Feminist Majority in September, 1999 and is the chief point of contact to federal, state and local law enforcement for the National Center for Women and Policing, (NCWP). The NCWP is the primary women's police organization that promotes and advocates the increasing of women in law enforcement to achieve gender equity. The NCWP conducts annual leadership training conferences with a focus on women and leadership, police reforms and strategies to increase the numbers of women in policing.

In June, 1999, Ms. Moore incorporated Women in Federal Law Enforcement, a not-for-profit organization. She serves as the organization's Director and donates her time and efforts each year in planning and delivering a women's leadership conference attended by over 500 representatives from 60 federal agencies.

Ms. Moore holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice from John Jay of Criminal Justice in New York City and is a graduate of the Federal Executive Institute, Charlottesville, Virginia.

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