Laura A. Bucheit

Laura A. Bucheit is currently Special Agent in Charge of the FBI's Las Vegas Division. Prior to this she served as the Director's special assistant at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Ms. Bucheit began her career as an FBI special agent in February 1996. She first reported to the Baltimore Division where she conducted investigations into terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and criminal violations. In addition, while assigned to the division, she worked in an undercover capacity to successfully infiltrate a criminal enterprise of motorcycle gangs involved in a large-scale, multi-jurisdictional distribution of methamphetamine throughout the southeastern United States. She was also the Baltimore Division's first female SWAT team member and the second certified female sniper in FBI history. In January 2003, she was promoted to supervisory special agent at FBI Headquarters to provide guidance and oversight of the FBI's Criminal Undercover Program.

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