Dr. Sitterle is a Principal Researcher Engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), where her current and primary work synthesizes systems science, complex systems, and defense analysis. She is an expert in engineering science, integrating engineering, natural and physical sciences, and mathematics leading to the design and analysis of systems across disciplines. Dr. Sitterle particularly focuses in two areas: (1) evolving analytical methods used in Defense acquisitions to more effectively cope with deep uncertainty and identify driving influences, and (2) integrating operational needs with systems sciences to support design of complex defense systems for equally complex environments. The former addresses competing materiel development decisions across diverse system types, including characterization of system resilience and functional behaviors. For the latter, she blends sociotechnical environmental analyses across multiple data domains to help characterize potential operational effectiveness for solutions over a broad spectrum of asymmetric warfare challenges in theater. Across both areas, her primary foci involve design, modeling, and analysis methods for situational awareness and cyber-physical systems problems, each with varying degrees of autonomy driving collective performance dynamics. Her efforts have supported various DoD organizations and often included collaboration across other US Government groups, industry, and academia.

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