Dr. Goolsby currently serves as a program officer for the Office of Naval Research in Arlington, Virginia. For the past eighteen years, she has developed research in social network analysis and computational social science, the first to hold the position of computational social scientist in the U.S. government. She taught at the University of Washington and Evergreen State College in Washington State before joining ONR in 2000, where she collaborated with ONR-funded scientists to address the problem of understanding big data of terror networks. Her early program involved the development of computational social science models, algorithms, and visualizations for understanding unique and novel threats. She has published many articles in peer-reviewed journals on a variety of topics including understanding terrorist networks, ethics in military research, humanitarian disaster communications concerns, and diffusion of propaganda via social media. Well known internationally for her research and program development in strategic communication, her 2013 publication for the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholarship was the first to identify the potential of Internet and mobile phone communications as a vector for rumor, crowd manipulation and social hysteria propagation.1 Among her honors, she was awarded a Fulbright Award and a Special Commendation from the Navy. She is the lead on NATO Research Technology Group, HFM-293 'Digital and Social Media Assessment For Effective Communication And Cyber Diplomacy.' She is a technical advisor for the NATO Digital Working Group, and a member of the NATO Digital Working Group's Core 'Tiger' Team for Information Environment Assessment project.

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