Dr. Gwyneth Sutherlin is the Director of Human Geography and Analytics Research at Geographic Services, Inc. She provides analytic expertise in socio-cultural dynamics, geospatial technology, cognitive linguistics, and emerging conflicts. She applies Human Geography research data collection and analysis, operational security, cyber security (software development), and geospatial intelligence (GEOINT). Her work draws from extensive field experience in conflict mediation and security risk analysis including projects for election monitoring in Afghanistan and Peru, training UK MOD on emerging conflicts, providing evaluation of South Sudan and Sudan conflict, and working with policy makers, academics, and parliamentarians on conflict mediation topics in Pakistan as a board member of the journal Peace, Conflict & Development. Her publications in peer-reviewed information and technology journals seek to bridge social science and emerging technology. Topics have included humancomputer interaction, an analysis of crowdsourcing data for decision-making in Haiti, Somalia, and the Arab Spring and an integration of cultural variables in open-source communication models supporting policy decisions in the ME. This work is informed by field experience, such as spending much of 2011 in North Africa training local pro-democracy groups how to leverage narratives in multiple languages. Her research is featured in textbooks and UN reports and her conference presentations range from the Africa Writes literature conference to GEOINT technology forums. Currently, her research in human geography supports various government, military and NGO teams with analysis, including contributions the Strategic Multilayer Assessment group. Dr. Sutherlin has a degree in political science from Indiana University and a PhD in peace and conflict studies from the University of Bradford. She operates in seven foreign languages.

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