Ms. Sarah A. Canna is a Principal Analyst at NSI. In this capacity, Ms. Canna applies her open source analysis skills to regions of vital concern to US Combatant Commands, particularly the Middle East and South Asia. To help military planners understand the complex socio-cultural dynamics at play in evolving conflict situations, Ms. Canna developed a Virtual Think Tank (ViTTa) tool, which is designed to rapidly respond to emergent crises by pulsing NSI's extensive subject matter expert (SME) network to provide deep, customized, multidisciplinary analysis for defense and industry clients. This tool has been used to study the so-called Islamic State as well as Eurasian cooperation and conflict. Ms. Canna is also a lead editor and integrator of white papers, reports, and proceedings focused on violent extremism, influence and deterrence, and adversarial intent. Ms. Canna also supported durability analyses using the NSI State Stability (StaM) model for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, and (at the megacity level) Dhaka, Bangladesh. Prior to joining NSI, she was an associate within the Social Science Program at Strategic Analysis, Inc. (SA), where she supported multidisciplinary projects ranging from developing and assessing computational social science models, evaluating state instability forecast models, and developing cultural aptitude taxonomies. Additionally, Ms. Canna provided analytic support to the Defense Science Board (DSB) 2008 task force on Understanding Adversaries, the 2007 DSB summer study on Challenges to Military Operations in Support of US Interests, and the 2006 DSB summer study on 21st Century Strategic Technology Vectors. Prior to joining SA, she was a research associate at Intellibridge Corporation in Washington, D.C. where she provided daily open source analysis to the Commander, US Southern Command and the Commandant, US Coast Guard. She also managed a network of 200-plus subject matter experts, upon whose knowledge Intellibridge analysts relied. Ms. Canna has a MA degree from Georgetown University in Technology and Security Studies. Ms. Canna holds a translation certificate in Spanish from American University and is learning Dari.

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