During the first 100 days of the Obama Administration she was selected to work at the White House, National Security Staff as part of the leadership team to study and author the Cyberspace Policy Review, the endorsed cyber strategy of the United States. Jeanette brings considerable homeland and national security expertise, having worked at the DHS-NSA Joint Cyber Coordination Group; Department of Transportation; and Department of Homeland Security. Further, she played an important role in defining the Department of Homeland Security's cyber mission and building up the Department's cyber capabilities. She was requested by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to consult on legislation to improve our nation's cybersecurity.
Not only is Jeanette an expert in cybersecurity in the public arena, she has lent her expertise to the private sector with Microsoft where she was a senior leader in their services business. There she was responsible for the identity management team and was the Public Sector Civilian lead for cybersecurity. As Director of Cyber Forensics and Cybersecurity, she led the operational delivery team for the Computer Sciences Corporation at the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center, Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy. She is also Professor of the Practice - Cybersecurity with the University of Maryland.
Understanding the impact of mindfulness in today's organizations, in 2016 Jeanette designed, developed and undertook a program for intensive training in mindfulness and meditation. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and History from Oberlin College and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Indiana University School of Law in Bloomington. She was a Presidential Management Fellow and a recipient of the U.S. Department of Transportation Gold Medal for her efforts during Hurricane Katrina. Jeanette has native fluency in Spanish and English, basic skills in French.
Originally from Cleveland, her passion for space started at an early age when she did a project on Pluto which led her to attend the School of Science. While there she spent many hours visiting the NASA Glenn Research Center. Later in life she lived in Chile, near the Elqui Valley, her favorite place to see the Milky Way galaxy with the naked eye.
Jeanette believes passionately that the issues and challenges facing us today both in the United States and in our global community can only be addressed and successfully met with flexibility through team work, trust, and the tireless pursuit of solutions through shared accountability and collaboration. In her free time, she enjoys reading non-fiction, attending cultural events, traveling, volunteering, biking and stand-up paddleboard. Jeanette lives in Silver Spring, MD with her partner and her chocolate Labrador, Luna. She regularly visits her mom who lives in rural Nicaragua, where she is assisting communities develop sustainable economies.

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