Oksana Farber

Oksana Farber has built a recognized career as a respected professional in human resources, operations management and as a chief security officer. She is currently the CEO and president of Trident Master Executive Development, a reputable and distinguished consulting business development, human resources and security firm. Oksana plays a significant business partnership role in helping small and mid-size companies, and executive leaders establish strategic work force planning, deployment and development, and she is markedly instrumental in assisting to help protect their organizations' assets from loss. She works with and counsels hundreds of high-potential, talented and ambitious executives in change management and continuous development. As an active member of ASIS International and the Society for Human Resource Management, Oksana served as the first elected female secretary officer in the ASIS New York City Chapter and later served a full term as chairperson of the ASIS Law Enforcement Liaison Council. She has made numerous contributions to the Department of Justice, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, INTERPOL and the IACP for information sharing partnerships between public law enforcement agencies and the private security sector. She currently serves as committee chairperson of the ASIS Matt Simeone Award for Public Private Partnership Excellence. Oksana also serves on the Wounded Warrior Project Host Committee. Ms. Farber is a City University of New York graduate and majored in Mathematics.

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