Dr. Alison Courtois

Dr. Astorino-Courtois has over 16 years of experience in quantitative political science and decision theoretic research. Dr. Astorino-Courtois has provided lead technical management and core support for a five DoD Joint Staff and STRATCOM Strategic Multi-layer Analysis (SMA) projects including recently completed Competing Analysis of Nuclear Strategy (CANS) for USSTRATCOM and Influencing Violent Extremist Organizations (I-VEO) for USCENTCOM. She has also worked a refocusing of DoD deterrence planning to the decision calculus of the actor(s) to be deterred and has designed and produced of a 2nd and 3rd-order effects analysis methodology tool for military analysts and planners.

Prior to joining NSI, Dr. Astorino-Courtois worked for SAIC where among other tasks she served as a STRATCOM liaison to U.S. and international communities. Prior to SAIC, Dr. Astorino-Courtois was a tenured Associate Professor of International Relations at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX where her research focused on the cognitive aspects of foreign policy decision making. She has received a number of academic grants and awards and has published articles in multiple peer-reviewed journals including International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Political Psychology, Journal of Politics and Conflict Management and Peace Science. She has also taught at Creighton University and as a visiting instructor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Dr. Astorino-Courtois earned her Ph.D. in International Relations/Research Methodologies from NYU. Her BA is in political science from Boston College.

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