Major General Verna D. Fairchild

Major General Verna Dean Fairchild is the Air National Guard (ANG) assistant to the director, Air National Guard for Base Operational Support Readiness. She is responsible for assisting and advising the director on support readiness issues that are or will be impacting the Air National Guard. She also serves in an advisory capacity to the ANG Committee of Advisors.

The general has the distinction of recording several firsts in Air Force and Air National Guard history. She was the first member of the Nursing Corps to become a commander of an Air National Guard Tactical Hospital in June 1986. In June of 1990 she became the first Air National Guard assistant for nursing to the surgeon general of the Air Combat Command, and on October 16, 1993, she became the first nurse and the first female to be appointed as assistant adjutant general for air in Air National Guard history. The general was also the first female appointed as an ANG representative to the Air Reserve Forces Policy Committee.

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