Brigadier General Maria C. Owens

Brig. Gen. Maria C. Owens was Director for Manpower and Personnel, the Joint Staff, Washington, D.C. General Owens was responsible for providing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff manpower and personnel advice and support to ensure maximum readiness and sustainability of the total force. The J-1 or Manpower and Personnel Directorate provides plans, policy and guidance on joint personnel readiness. J-1 also provides manpower management policies, plans and oversight for all joint and combined activities reporting to or through the Chairman. The directorate gives policy and guidance on joint officer management matters and administers the internal Joint Staff civilian and military personnel programs.

General Owens received her commission in 1975 through the Air Force ROTC program at Baylor University. Prior to her current assignment, she served as the Chief of Staff, Office of the Secretary of Defense for Homeland Security, Washington. General Owens also served as the Executive Secretary for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, where she directed the administrative support staff of the Secretary. She was the primary OSD liaison with the White House, National Security Council and State Department.

General Owens served as a personnel officer on the Air Staff, at the Air Force Personnel Center and Headquarters European Command.

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