Major General Jeanne Holm

Major General Jeanne Holm was the first female general, earning two starts throughout her career. She was the director of a small contingent of women, called Women in the Air Force from 1965 to 1975. During this time, when women were not allowed to fly nor get near the front lines, Gen Holm greatly increased the jobs available to women in the Air Force.

In 1971, Holm was promoted to Brigadier General and was the first woman to receive a general's star and two years later she received her second star.

She joined the Army in 1942 and worked as a truck driver in WWII. She reenlisted in 1948 and transferred to the Air Force in 1949. She was the first woman to attend the Air Command Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.

In 1970, she nearly retired, citing the ubiquitous opposition from other officers. After her retirement in 1975 she published 'Women in the Military: An Unfinished Revolution' and a book in 1998 on the women in World War II. She also advised Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and was the first chairwoman of the Veterans Administration's Committee on Women Veterans for President Ronald Reagan.

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