Captain Kristen Marie Griest

As part of Ranger Class 08-15 at Fort Benning, Georgia, Captain Kristen Griest was one of the first two women to ever earn her Ranger tab. With a 58% overall failure rate, the Ranger School is considered as one of the military's most physically and demanding courses.

Griest was a track and softball star at her high School in Connecticut. After graduating from the US Military Academy at West Point in 2011, Griest sought to come as close as possible to serving in combat and went into the Miitary Police. With 381 men and 18 other women, she began Ranger training in spring 2015 as part of the first gender-integrated class. Although Griest had failed the course, her good performance in some phases of the course allowed her to restart the course and ultimately complete it. She expressed interest in a special forces career should the path become open to women.

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