Jayne Thomas Rich

The first woman and first person of color to serve as the coordinator of the Criminal Justice Program, Jayne Thomas Rich retired from the Criminal Justice Program of Atlantic Cape Community College in 2001 after serving for 15 years.

She was also the Chief of Police of Montclair State College (now University) from 1978 until 1986. Dr. Rich was the first woman appointed chief of police in New Jersey. While chief, she hired the first Hispanic officers on the force.

She has served as consultant faculty at Thomas Edison State College since 1995 and in 1977 founded Jay Rich Associates where she lectures on crime prevention, vicitimization and sexual harassment. Dr. Rich has been a senior associate at the Univeristy Research Corporation in Washington, DC, where she was part of a team developing and delivering workshops on Rape and Its Victims.

She has also been a human rights investigator for Montogomery County, Md., and was the first woman of color to be appointed Chief of Police at Georgetown University.

She served as a police officer for Washington DC's Metropolitan Police Department from 1953 until 1972. She was the first woman of color to reach the ranks of Corporal, Sergeant and Lieutenant in the department's history. Dr. Rich was also the first woman to attain a place on the promotional list to Captain.

She has written "Take Care: Common Sense in Self Defense for Today's Woman," published by the University of Pennsylvania.

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