Tammie Reeder

Tammie Reeder was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to beginning a Law Enforcement career in 1990, Tammie served 4 years in the United States Army. She served as a Psychiatric Specialist in Army hospitals on the military bases of Ft. Dix, New Jersey, and Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Tammie is in her twenty-third year with the Oklahoma City Police Department. She is currently a Patrol Supervisor for the Operations Bureau. Tammie has served as an Administrative Supervisor in the Logistical Support Unit, overseeing duties at the Oklahoma County Jail, which is a shared facility with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Tammie has also been involved with the Field Training Program for Oklahoma City Police Department since 1994 and is currently an active supervisor in the Field Training Program which includes FTO Assessment Boards for those officers seeking a position as an FTO.

In 2009, Tammie created a database to track homeless citizens of Oklahoma City. Each time an Oklahoma City officer encounters a homeless person, that person's race and sex are recorded and photographs are taken of any tattoos or other identifying marks. Officers also ask for information about the person's next of kin in case an emergency arises. Tammie recently implemented the 'Justice for a Cure' project in the state of Oklahoma, which became the second state in the nation in which members of law enforcement participate in the fight against breast cancer.

Tammie is an active member of the Oklahoma City Police Department's Honor Guard Unit and a member of Oklahoma Women in Law Enforcement.

Tammie is a member of HEART 911 founded by Ground Zero Commander Bill Keegan. Tammie holds an Associate's Degree in Police Science from Oklahoma State University (OKC), and a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Cameron University.

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