Patty Patterson

Patty Jaye Garrett Patterson was born January 21, 1960 in Bangor, Maine. The daughter of the late Ret/MSGT Lorenzo "Lonnie" L. and Clara C. Garrett residents of Sumter, South Carolina. Her parents came to Shaw AFB in June, 1973 making her a Sumter County resident since 1973.

She is the wife of Wendell Brunson Patterson of Marion, SC and the parents of a precious fourteen-year-old daughter, Anastasia Elizabeth. Patty Jaye is an experienced instructor, orator, investigator, lecturer, and administrator with sound leadership skills and character. Additionally, God has blessed her with a singing voice of solo quality.

First female Chief of Police in the history of the City of Sumter, as well as the first African-American Chief of Police. She was publically appointed in April and officially sworn in July 1, 2001, to become the first female Chief of Police for a metropolitan city in the state of South Carolina.

She has Law Enforcement tenure of 32 years with a diverse background in policing. She is one of South Carolina's highest-ranking female officers for a law enforcement police agency.

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