Kathleen McKinney

Kathleen began her law enforcement career in 1983 as a dispatcher with the Florida Highway Patrol. In 1984, she attended the Florida Highway Patrol Academy, 71st Recruit Class in Tallahassee, Florida. She was the recipient of the Academy's Executive Director's Award for Highest Academic Average. Upon graduation from the Academy she was assigned to Southern Field Operations as a road Trooper back in Miami.

Kathleen worked as a State Trooper for 18 years, apprehending drunk drivers, handling traffic crashes, assisting disabled motorists and educating the public through traffic enforcement. During that time she also participated in uncover operations to combat highway robberies and highway prostitution. She has also assisted on numerous hurricane task forces.

In 2001, Kathleen promoted to the rank of Sergeant and remained in Field Operations in her hometown of Miami. She worked as the Field Training Sergeant mentoring Troopers new to the job. In March of 2005, she transferred to the Florida Highway Patrol Bureau of Investigations and remained in Miami. The Investigations section focuses on driver license fraud, title fraud, identity theft and auto theft.

In October 2005, Kathleen was promoted to Lieutenant and returned to Field Operations in Miami as a Troop Shift Commander. The Troop Shift Commander is responsible for operations during their shift, allocation of personnel and response to high profile incidents.

During November 2008, Kathleen transferred to Monroe County, aka, the Florida Keys. Kathleen is the Sub-district Commander for Monroe County. She is responsible for the Florida Highway Patrol station and the supervisors and troopers assigned to Monroe. Given the unique, 'small town' community like feel in Monroe County, Kathleen has worked closely with all members of the law enforcement community, from Sheriff Rick Ramsay, leading the Monroe County Sheriff's Office to Federal Law Enforcement partners. The law enforcement community in Monroe County supports multiagency partnerships and cooperation, with the goal of all agencies providing a safe community for the citizens and visitors to the Florida Keys.

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