American diplomats who serve their country across the globe

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Women are, by in large, good negotiators which is essential for effective diplomacy. They are particularly good at finding solutions acceptable to multiple parties. Highlighted here are female American diplomats who serve their country across the globe.

Diplomacy Resources:

For the full biographies of the diplomats below, visit the biography page of the US Department of State for current diplomats or the department's archive for former diplomats. 

For more information, see the Council of American Ambassadors. This organization sponsors programs, including fellowships to develop young leaders in international affairs, forums and conferences, and overseas fact finding missions.

Diplomacy Matters is an organization that promotes diplomacy and person-to-person relationships throughout the world and has recently unveiled a Digital Diplomacy Initiative. This initiative increases access to ambassadors and embassy officials through web introductions and country specific webinars to promote cross-cultural diplomacy. Visit here for more information.

USEmbassy.gov provides easy access to the websites of US embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions across the world.

Featured Ambassadors

Denise Bauer

Alexa Wesner

Linda Burnes Bolton

Hilary Clinton

Brenda S. Davis

Kathryn S. Fuller

Patricia A. Gabow

JoAnn Heisen

Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

Marrie Y. Schaefer

Samantha Power

Vilama Martinez

Michelle D. Gavin

Dawn M. Liberi

Adrienne S. O'Neal

Anne Andrew

Judith Fergin

Mari Carmen Aponte

Pamela A. White

Lisa J. Kubiske

Pamela Bridgewater

Karen Stewart

Maura Connelly

Deborah R. Malac

Anne E. Derse

Jeanine Jackson

Gina Winstanley

Jo Ellen Powell

Rose Likins

Susan Page

Cynthia Akuetteh

Liliana Ayalde

Erica Barks-Ruggles

Leslie A. Bassett

Alice G. Wells

Nikki Haley

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