Anna Hart
Prison Matron
Hamilton County, Ohio
June 24, 1916

Beaten to death by an inmate, Reuben Ellis, who was awaiting trial on burglary charges, in an escape attempt.

The inmate was convicted and executed seven months later. She had worked as a matron for six years upon her death.

Mary T. Davis
Jail Matron
Wilmington, Deleware, Police Department
May 11, 1924

Jail Matron with the Wilmington P.D. was beaten to death by a female inmate. Annie Lewis was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Davis was a 14-year veteran.

Pearl Agnes Lanham
Traffic Policewoman
Gary, Indiana, Police Department
March 12, 1930

Lanham, a Traffic Policewoman was killed by a car while assisting children across the street near a school. The car was "speeding southbound." Auto was driven by John E. Nichols, a millworker---he was traveling between 35-40 mph. Records on the Nichols trial no longer exist.

Georgianna Sharrot
Police officer
Minnapolis, Minnesota, Police Department
January 31, 1937

Struck by an auto as she crossed a street, Sharrot died 4½ months later of her injury. Cab driver, C.T. Sagle, who had hit Sharrot was not charged with any criminal offense.

Kassie Mae Chandler
Jail Matron
Dallas County, Texas, Sheriffs Department
December 14, 1948

Beaten by two female inmates in a jail escape attempt and died ten hours later. Names of the 15- and 17-year old perpetrators were not released.

Sophia T. Wooster
Osceola County, Michigan, Sheriff's Department
December 22, 1952

Undersheriff Wooster was killed in a traffic accident with her husband Dheriff Fay Wooster. Harvey Glenn McCune was charged with two counts of manslaughter the deaths of the two officers. Outcome of case is unknown.

Stella Donahue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Police Department
January 11, 1957

Officer Donahue and Officer Daniel Meehan were killed in an on-duty traffic accident on Jan. 11, 1957. Donahue was a two year veteran of the force. She lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree. No perpetrator in this incident.

Lucille Helm
Madera County, California, Sheriff's Office
July 13, 1959

Helm was killed in a traffic accident on a ride- along to drop off a mental patient. 78-year old Thomas Alford Henry had a heart attack while driving his car and crossed the lane, smashing into the car Helm’s was riding in. No one was legally at fault for the incident.

Kathleen M. Reilly
Nassau County, New York, Police Department
December 25, 1967

Struck and killed by a vehicle as she assisted a disabled motorist while she was off duty. The driver of the vehicle was a 17-year old female. No charges were brought up after investigation.

Phyllis M. Myers
Jail Matron
Niagara County, New York, Sheriff's Department
June 15, 1970

Fatally beaten by inmates during a jail escape. Killed on her last day of work after a 27-year career. Three women were charged with first degree murder and, only records acknowledge that one women was convicted on first degree manslaughter, sentenced in 1971 and paroled in 1983.

Alice Moran
Deputy Matron
Josephine County, Oregon, Sheriff's Department
November 17, 1971

Killed in an airplane crash while transporting witnesses for trial. No perpetrator in this incident.

Marta Shanaman
Prison Matron
Detroit, Michigan, Police Department
December 12, 1971

Shot and killed by inmates during jail escape. Died two hours after shooting took place. Incident was cause to look at the security level of minimum security detention centers. One perpetrator was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Gail Cobb
Metro Washington, D.C., Police Department
September 20, 1974

Shot and killed by an escaping gunman in an underground parking garage in downtown DC. Cobb became the first African American law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in the US. The assailant was arrested and convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Patricia Scully
California Department of Parks and Recreation
May 6, 1976

Killed by a drunk driver when her vehicle was struck head on by a drunk driver. The perpetrator, Manuel Santos Fernandez, Jr. was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter, Fernandez was sentenced to one year in the county jail. His license was suspended for three.

Junita Badavinac
Deputy Sheriff
Itasca County, Minnesota, Sheriff's Department
March 28, 1977

Died from a job-related heart attack while rushing to a fire in Coleraine, Minnesota.

Gwendolyn Malone Downs
Louisville, Kentucky, Police Department
May 16, 1977

Shot and killed by her off-duty police officer husband in a restaurant parking lot. Her husband then shot and killed himself. Officer Gwendolyn Downs was held with full police honors. Her estranged husband’s was not.

Karen Bassford
Fairfax County, Virginia, Police Department
July 27, 1977

Killed in a traffic accident on July 27, 1977. Officer Bassford’s car went out of control en route to a "burglary in progress."

Linda Lawrence
Baton Rouge City, Louisiana, Police Department
August 1, 1977

Shot and killed with her own gun during an arrest attemp. Her partner killed the assailant. The circumstances at which Officer Lawrence was shot became part of survival training for law enforcement officers.

Pauline Stewart
Parole Officer
West Virginia Department of Corrections
August 1, 1977

Stabbed to death by a 79-year old parolee at his residence that was under her supervision. He wanted to discuss and ailment, an argument ensued. Parole Officer Stewart was found dead at the scene. The perpetrator was charged, tried, and convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to a life term in prison. He served 16 years of the sentence before he died at the age of 96.

Frances I. Galvin
Colorado State Patrol
May 24, 1979

Fatally injured in a traffic accident and died the next day. As she was including an investigation of a fatal vehicle/motorcycle accident, she was struck by an oncoming automobile.

Luella Kay Holloway
Chief of Police
Coalinga, California, Police Department
January 3, 1980

Killed in plane crash while returning home from a state training session. There was no perpetrator in the incident. The Cessna 172 the Chief was flying in crashed due to poor weather/visibility conditions.

Jerralee J. Jacobus
Deputy Sheriff
Monterey, California, Sheriff's Department
June 1, 1980

Police Cruiser was hit "head on" en route to a burglary call.

Julie Yvonne Cross
Special Agent
United States Secret Service
June 4, 1980

Shot and killed on a stake out in Los Angeles. Her killer went unidentified for 12 years but was convicted or sentenced to death in 1996.

Kathleen Garcia
Denver, Colorado, Police Department
March 28, 1981

Fatally shot while she was still in her police car as she arrived home. A neighbor was charged with the murder but acquitted at trial.

Constance Worland
Deputy Sheriff
Los Angeles County, California, Sheriff's Department
May 2, 1981

Accidently shot and killed by her partner while they were responding to an "assault with a deadly weapon" call. Deputy Worland’s partner was not charged since the investigation was concluded an accident.

Donna A. Payant
Correctional Officer
New York State Department of Corrections
May 15, 1981

Strangled, beaten and bitten by an inmate. Killer was sentenced to death but this was overturned and changed to life in prison. Inmate was working for the prison chaplain when the incident occurred.

Debra Sue Corr
Aurora, Colorado, Police Department
June 27, 1981

Shot and killed during a traffic stop after she had called for back up to the situation. Her killer committed suicide while awaiting trial.

Mary P. McCord
Montgomery, Alabama, Police Department
January 5, 1982

Shot and killed by drug dealer during an attempted arrest. In an attempt to sell the plain clothed officer drugs, the dealer pulled his gun and shot the officer.

Vicki Moreau DeVries
Michigan State Police

Killed in auto accident after apparently "falling asleep at the wheel."

Cheryl W. Seiden
Metro-Dade, Florida, Police Department
July 14, 1982

Shot during a robbery on July 14, 1982 while in the parking lot of her condominium complex. She had been followed by the two robbers back to the condo. When confronted by the robbers and told to give up her bag, Officer Seiden went for her gun and was shot twice. One assailant was convicted of first degree murder and four counts of armed robber and sentenced to four life sentences plus 15 years. The other accepted a plea bargain after being sentenced to four life terms, he was required to serve at least six years.

Kathleen C. Schaefer
Houston, Texas, Police Department
August 18, 1982

Shot and killed in drug raid by fellow officer who mistook her for a suspect. Due to an oversight, undercover agents did not know a woman was involved in the "buy." When the police mistook her and she pulled out her pistol, she was shot.

Frankie Mae Shivers
Hollywood, Florida, Police Department
September 5, 1982

Shot and killed by a woman she attempted to extricate from a burning car. The perpetrator, in a depressed state, rammed an unoccupied police cruiser when her car burst into flames. Officer Shivers climbed into the burning vehicle and the perpetrator began to struggle with the officer and grabbed Shivers service revolver and opened fire. The perpetrator was then shot by fellow Hollywood Officers outside the vehicle.

Frieda B. King
Kitchen Supervisor
Illinois Department of Corrections
February 8, 1983

King was a kitchen supervisor who was stabbed to death by an inmate who was later sentenced to death for the murder.

Sandra Griffin
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Police Department
February 13, 1983

Died from injuries she received in a traffic accident when her car collided with a van. No charges were brought against the driver of the other vehicle pending further investigation.

Sharon E. Moore
Franklin County, Ohio, Sheriff's Department
April 11, 1983

Fatally shot by her ex-husband on 4/11/83 as well as her husband Deputy Sheriff Joseph Moore. The deputies were shot while leaving their house to go to work by the ex-husband who had been apparently staking out the premises. The perpetrator shot himself in the head and died later that day.

Mary Ann Barker
Americus, Georgia, Police Department
May 9, 1983

Killed in traffic accident when control over the vehicle was lost and the vehicle had overturned. No perpetrator in this circumstance.

Joanne Couzynse
Deputy Sheriff
Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Sheriff's Department
August 14, 1983

Fatally injured in hit and run while issuing a parking ticket. The perpetrator was charged with driving while intoxicated, hit and run driving, and negligent injury. Deputy Sheriff Couzynse died nine weeks after the incident and the charges were upgraded to negligent homicide. The perpetrator was sentenced to four years in prison.

Dorelle C. Brandon
Chicago, Illinois, Police Department
January 25, 1984

Accidently shot and killed by a fellow officer during an undercover drug sting. Her fellow officer shot at a perpetrator who was trying to gain control of Officer Brandon’s gun which in turn hit Officer Brandon.

Patricia Ross
Kitchen Services
Kentucky State Penitentiary
March 1, 1984

Beaten to death by an inmate. Ross, who worked in the food service dept, refused an inmates advances and was then beaten to death with an industrial size can opener. Another inmate had entered to assist Ross and was also beaten severely. The perpetrator was sentenced to death which was later reduced to life.

Sharon K. Robinson
Birmingham, Alabama, Police Department
April 7, 1984

Killed in auto accident on the way to a burglary scene when her speeding call, driven by another officer, hit a telephone pole at an intersection. No perpetrator in this case.

Doreen A. Tomlinson
Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Police Department
June 26, 1984

Killed in an auto accident during a pursuit when she lost control of the vehicle and crashed. Patrolwoman Tomlinson was the youngest woman officer killed in the U.S. The driver of the speeding car was never apprehended but would never have faced charges more than speeding/evading an officer even if they were caught.

Kimberly Sue Tonahill
San Diego, California, Police Department
September 14, 1984

Shot and killed during a pat down search as another officer issued a citation. Officer Tonahill was pushed by the perpetrator and shot at point blank range. He also shot Tonahill’s fellow officer in the head before issuing additional shots to their bodies execution style. The perpetrator was sentenced to death upon two guilty verdicts of murder in the first degree. He later committed suicide in prison while on death row.

Irma Lozada
New York City Transit Police Department
September 21, 1984

Shot and killed by fleeing robber she confronted who overpowered her, seized her gun and shot her twice in the head with her own revolver. The perpetrator, was charged with second degree murder, possession of a weapon, possession of stolen property and grand larceny. He was found guilty of second degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon and sentenced to 32½ years to life in prison. He was not eligible for parole until after 32½ years.

Margaret E. Park
Wildlife Officer
Florida Department of Game and Fresh Water Fish
December 13, 1984

Shot and killed during search and was beaten with her own flashlight and shot with her own gun when seizing an illegal weapon from the perpetrator along with his license. The perpetrator, along with his co-defendant fled the scene. When caught, the main assailant was sentenced to murder in the first degree and sentenced to death. His co-defendant was convicted of third degree murder and sentenced to seven years in prison. He served two years and ten months out of his seven years.

Jacquelyn K. Sherrill
Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Police Department
December 31, 1984

Shot and killed by a suspect who was being arrested by three other officers. Officer Sherrill was in plain clothes at the time while three uniformed officers were struggling with the suspect when suspect got a hold of one officers service revolver and discharged the weapon multiple times when finally hitting Officer Sherrill. The perpetrator received a guilty verdict on the charge of capital murder and received the death penalty.

Deanna Hummel Rose
Overland Park, Kansas, Police Department
January 24, 1985

Officer Rose was run over and fatally wounded by a drunk driver attempting to flee arrest. The perpetrator was sentenced to five to twenty years after pleaing to manslaughter. He served six years after being released on parole.

Abigail J. Powlett
Plainfield, New Jersey, Police Department
March 15, 1985

Shot and killed after she had been taken hostage on March 14 while investigating a call about a "man with a gun." The man become agitated and took Officer Powlett hostage. After executing officer Powlett, the perpetrator was then shot by other officers.

Minnie R. Houston
Correctional Officer
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
June 3, 1985

Stabbed to death by an inmate. Her assailant was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death. She was stabled multiple times in the bathroom of the correctional facility when the inmate took her car keys and drove her vehicle to the gate to "turn himself in."

Robin L. Ahrens
Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
October 4, 1985

Shot by fellow agents who mistook her for a "hostile" during an arrest attempt that "went awry" in Arizona. Special Agent Ahrens became the first female FBI agent to die in the line of duty and the first agent killed by fellow officers.

Alma B. Walters
Meridian, Mississippi, Police Department
December 28, 1985

Shot and killed during domestic call . Officer Walters was attacked by an intoxicated man who knocked her to the ground and grabbed her weapon discharging a shot into her neck. The perpetrator was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.