Brigadier General G. Dunkelberger

Brigadier General Gretchen S. Dunkelberger is the Air National Guard Assistant to the Assistant Surgeon General, Medical Force Development and Nursing Services. In this capacity, she advises on plans, policies and standards as they relate to Air National Guard members assigned to Nursing Services. General Dunkelberger provides professional advice for the training and personnel utilization in peacetime and wartime. Her responsibilities also include advising in the establishment and coordination of all major policies related to the integration of Air National Guard Nursing Services members upon mobilization.

General Dunkelberger received a direct commission in 1983. Her military experience includes serving as Chief Nurse Executive and commanding seven consecutive years at the squadron and group level. She served as the Vice President and President of the Association of Air National Guard Nurses. General Dunkelberger has deployed as part of the 363rd Air Expeditionary Medical Group, Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia.

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