Rear Adm. Cindy Jaynes

Rear Admiral Cindy Jaynes is serving as program executive officer for Air Anti-Submarine Warfare, Assault and Special Mission Programs (PEO(A)). She has oversight responsibility for 10 program offices and seven ACAT I major acquisition programs.

Operational tours include Training Squadron 86 (VT-86) in Pensacola, Florida; Patrol Squadron 5 (VP-5) in Jacksonville, Florida; Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department, Mayport, Florida; Commander Helicopter Wings Atlantic, Jacksonville, Florida; Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department, Diego Garcia; and officer-in-charge Commander, Strike Fighter Wing Pacific, Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment in Lemoore, California.

Jaynes' acquisition tours include Naval Aviation Engineering Service Unit (NAESU) in Philadelphia; deputy assistant Program Manager Systems Engineering for PMA-290, P-3 & EP-3 Program Office; F/A-18 Program Integrator Defense Contract Management Command Northrop Grumman, El Segundo, California; Assistant Program Manager Logistics for PMA-265, F/A-18 & EA-18G Program Office; and PMA-265 F/A-18 Deputy Program Manager Fleet Support.

She assumed command of PMA-202, Aircrew Systems in June 2006. Under her command, PMA-202 won the 2007 NAVAIR Commander's National Award for Program Management. She assumed command of PMA-213, Naval Air Traffic Management Systems in 2007. In July 2011, she reported as NAVAIR Assistant Commander for Logistics and Industrial Operations and in August 2012 became the Commander, Fleet Readiness Centers responsible for seven Fleet Readiness Centers engaged in aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for the Naval Aviation Enterprise.

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