Vice Admiral Carol Pottenger

Vice Admiral Carol Pottenger is the Deputy Chief of Staff Capability Development at NATO Headquarters Supreme Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, VA. She is one of the three highest-ranking women in the Navy presently. She has served on the USS Yosemite, USS Yellowstone, and USS Kiska.

She assumed command of USS Shasta in 1996, completing several deployments and in 2001 assumed command of the USS Bridge. During her service on the USS Bridge, through an extended deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, she received the Battle E and the 2002 Arleigh Burke Fleet Trophy through re-supplying 10 battle groups, amphibious groups, and numerous coalition ships.

In 2006, she became the first female admiral to command a strike group through assumption of Amphibious Force 7th Fleet/ESG 7 at White Beach, Okinawa. IN 2007, Pottenger earned her PhD in Social Sciences Honoris Causa from Purdue University.

In 2008 she became the commander of the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, providing expeditionary combat and combat support to commanders in every theatre of operations

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