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Women of the CIA: The Hidden History of American Spycraft
"There are more women in the CIA than ever before, with women operating at unprecedented levels on every floor of CIA headquarters and throughout its far-flung global outposts. Yet women remain underrepresented in executive-level jobs and the clandestine service."

Women have been involved in American intelligence throughout the history of the country. This Newsweek article offers a look into the experiences of seven women working in the CIA, including a clandestine operations officer, a bombing expert, and a weapons and space analyst. Some are unnamed because of the sensitivity of their work. These women play a critical role in keeping the country safe.

Topic: Intelligence~ September 24, 2016

2016 Officers Fatality Report
According to the 2016 Mid-Year Law Enforcement
Officer Fatalities Report, as of July 20, 2016, sixty seven federal, state and local law enforcement officers have died in the line of duty this year, increasing eight percent over the 62 officers killed in the same period last year.

Thirty-two officers have been killed in firearms-related fatalities this year, a dramatic increase of 78 percent, compared to 18 deaths during the same period last year. Ambush killings of unsuspecting law enforcement officers is the leading circumstance of the firearms-related fatalities with 14 thus far in 2016—spiking more than 300 percent over the three ambush killings in the same period last year.

The report was compiled by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. See here for the full report.

Topic: Law Enforcement~ August 16, 2016

National Preparedness Report 
National Preparedness Report from the Department of Homeland Security provides findings on the preparedness of all levels of government, private and nonprofit sectors, communities, and individuals for all types of disaster and emergencies. Preparedness is evaluated using 5 mission areas: prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery from threats and hazards.

Topic: Homeland Security~ June 16, 2016 
Mass Victimization: Promising Avenues for Prevention
Mass Victimization: Promising Avenues for Prevention, published by the FBI in December, 2015, identifies strategies that contribute to preventing incidents of targeted violence that result in mass casualty events, also known as mass victimization events or mass killings. Mass kilings refer to when three or more killings occur in a single incident and in a public space.

The prevention strategies that have been outlined in the document include preparation, utilizing multidisciplinary prevention efforts to increase the likelihood of success, opening communication between law enforcement and local communities, creating a threat assessment team, increasing awareness and education in the community, understanding the myths of mental ilness, and conducting table-top exercies on prevention within the community.

Topic: Homeland Security~ June 16, 2016

A Man's World? Exploring the Roles of Women in Counter Terrorism
and Violent Extremism

In the fight against terrorism, the women's role in enabling of and defenders against terrorism is often overlooked. Much attention has been put on the victimization of women by terrorist groups, of how they are duped or coerced into participating in terrorist activity, and of how they are targets of violent extremism and domestic abuse.

Although vicitimization is a critical matter to understand, we must not forget that women are not just victims, but also powerful agents of change. Women are frequently the first targets of radical fundamentalism. Thus, they are also the first ones to stand up to it. With more empowerment, these women may become especially effective as the first line of defense against extremism and terrorism.

A Man's World? Exploring the Roles of Women in Counter Terrorism
and Violent Extremism, compiled by Hedayah and the Global Center on Cooperative Security, is a collection of essays that offers valuable insight into this vital subject.

Topic: Women in Transition~ May 15, 2016

Officer Down: Susan Louise Farrell
Police Officer Susan Farrell and Police Officer Carlos Puente-Morales were killed when their patrol car was struck head-on by a wrong way driver.

They were transporting a prisoner from Council Bluffs back to Des Moines when the crash occurred. Both officers, the prisoner, and the driver of the wrong way vehicle were killed.

Officer Farrell had served with the Des Moines Police Department for only five months and had previously served with the Polk County Sheriff's Office for several years.

Officer Down Memorial Page

Topic: LE Hall of Heroines~ April 8, 2016

World Changers Highlight: Opening the Little League to Girls
As a hearings officer with the New Jersey Division of Civil Rights, Judge Sylvia B. Pressler opened Little League baseball to girls in a landmark 1973 case. As a result of the ruling, the Little League organization changed its charter to allow girls to compete nationally in the league and created a softball division specifically for girls. She famously wrote about her decision, "The institution of Little League is as American as the hot dog and apple pie. There is no reason why that part of Americana should be withheld from girls."

This case was not her only accomplishment in her prolific career. For more information, see the article Sylvia Pressler, 75; Opened Little League.

Topic: World Changers~ March 28, 2016

Officer Down: Ashley Marie Guindon
On February 27, 2016, Ashley Marie Guindon was shot and kiled while responding to domestic disturbance in Virginia. Officer Guindon was working her first day on the street with her training officer. The offender had murdered his wife in their home and opened fire on the officers with a rifle as they approached his home. He wounded Officer Guindon, and two others, including her training officer. Officer Guindon was flown away to Inova Fiarfax Hospital, where she passed away.

Officer Guindon was a member of the US Marine Corps Reserve and was working under the Prince William County Police Department, Virginia.

Officer Down Memorial Page

Topic: LE Hall of Heroines~ March 1, 2016

New INSS Event Report 
The Institue for National Strategic Studies has released a new Event Report, Countering Isis:One Year Later.

Topic: National Security ~ February 20, 2016

2016 Worldwide Threat Assessment
The Senate Armed Services Committee has recently released the 2016 Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community. Accompanied is a testimony by Defence Intelligence Agency Director Vincent R. Stewart.

Topic: National Security ~ February 12, 2016

Sylvia Moir to Become Next Police Chief of Tempe
In January of 2016, Tempe City Manager Andrew Ching announced the appointment of Sylvia Moir as the next Chief of the Tempe Police Department. Moir is currently the Police Chief of El Cerrito, California and is expected to start work in her new position on March 21.

“Chief Moir distinguished herself through an exhaustive interview process for her intellect, judgment, compassion, enthusiasm and ability to engage employees and community members,” said Ching. “I am confident that her 26 years of law enforcement experience will serve Tempe well, allow for a seamless transition in leadership, and move our department forward.”

Full Story

Topic: Law Enforcement ~ February 7, 2016
French Activist Deradicalizes ISIS Recruits
Dounia Bouzar, a doctor in the anthropology of religion, had created the Center for the Prevention of Sectarian Trends Linked (CPDSI) to Islam to turn young people from radical Islam. Her organization has handled 600 families in the past year. Using controversial methods that involves using emotional cues and childhood memories, Bouzar says that she has saved around 50 youths. Today, as ISIS increases its efforts to recruit new wives for its members, Bouzar is working to bring back even more radicalized young women than before.

Full Story

Topic: Law Enforcement ~ February 7, 2016

Former U.S. Attorney Joins Guidepost Solutions
Former U.S. Attorney Donna A. Bucella has joined Guidepost Solutions LLC as the president of its compliance business. The company is a global leader in investigations, compliance, and security.

“Bringing Donna on our team reflects our strong commitment to help companies strengthen and streamline their processes for addressing compliance, ethics and risk management,” stated Chief Executive Officer of Guidepost Solutions, Julie Myers Wood. “Her strong history of leadership and experience from the business and public sectors will greatly benefit our clients and complement our very talented team of compliance and investigative professionals,” Chief Executive Officer of Guidepost Solutions, Julie Myers Wood stated.

Full Story

Topic: Global Economy ~ January 1, 2016

ASPCA Special Investigator Dies of Cancer
On November 20, 2015, Special Investigator Diane DiGiacomo died of cancer that was a direct result of exposure to toxic air during DiGiacomo's search and rescue operations after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011.
For more biography and incident information, visit DiGiacomo's Officer Down Memorial Page.
Topic: Hall of Heroines ~December 10, 2015

Join Angi on her Breast Cancer Journey
Angi is the Division Chief of Strategic Programs and Senior Advisor for the Texas Office of Risk Management. She discovered that she had breast cancer on September 11, 2015, and is undergoing treatment. With her tenacious, spirit, Angi refuses to let the disease discourage her and has continued smiling as she always has. She shares her story to advance breast cancer awareness and inspire others to never sound retreat against the disease.

Follow her journey at Angi's Place in the Health page of Same Shield. 

Topic: Health ~ November 21, 2015
New Report on Ambushes of Police
This recent report analyzes incidents of extreme violence against law enforcement officers with special focus on ambushes. It investigates methods of preventing, responding to, and surviving ambushes. Reducing violence against law enforcement is just as crucial as reducing overly-aggressive police tactics is in police reform, public safety, and maintenance of police-community relations.

The full report can be viewed here. 

Topic: Law Enforcement  ~  November 21, 2015

Gloria I. Chavez Becomes Deputy Chief of USBP

On Novermber 4, 2015, Gloria I. Chavez was selected for the Senior Executive Service position of Deputy Chief, Law Enforcement Operations Directorate, at U.S. Border Patrol Headquarters, in Washington DC. Previously, she had served as Chief Patrol Agent of the Spokane Sector. She has been on duty with USBP since 1995. 

Full Story

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Topic: Homeland Security  ~  November 4, 2015

Statement from Dr. Kiernan on Breast Cancer Awareness 
I began a journey 14 years ago with a group of law enforcement colleagues to take a stand on the need to find a cure for a disease which impacts generations of families.  We named our team "Shields For The Cure" and vowed to individually or collectively contribute to the effort as long as we were physically able or until a cure is found.  The composition of the team has changed over the years with moves, with illness and life changes, but the passion and commitment has never wavered and never will.  We will walk again in Philadelphia in 2016.  Join us, or contribute (, to team Shields For The Cure); both actions help change the world. - Dr. Kathleen Kiernan

For more information on breast cancer, visit the Health page of Same Shield. 

Topic: Health ~ October 31, 2015

Three Women Become First Female Rangers 
In August of 2015, Captain Kristen Griest and 1st Lieutenant Shaye Haver became the first two women to ever earn the Ranger tab. They graduated as a part of Ranger Class 08-15 at Fort Benning, Georgia.

In October of 2015, Major Lisa Jaster also graduated to become the third woman to complete Army Ranger School. These women are part of a group of nineteen woomen who began Ranger training in spring of 2015 as part of the first gender-integrated class. 

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Topic: Military ~ October 12, 2015 

"Kathleen O'Toole confirmed as Seattle Police Chief"

On June 23rd, 2014, Kathleen O'Toole, a one-time Boston police commissioner and former inspector general for Ireland’s national police force, was nominated Monday as Seattle’s first female police chief. If approved by the City Council, she would take over a department of about 1,300 officers that’s been struggling to carry out a reform agreement under federal oversight.

Topic: Homeland Security ~ June 23rd, 2014 

"Florida Highway Patrol Officer Killed"

May 04, 2014, via Bay News 9: A Florida Highway Patrol officer was killed on Saturday, May 4, when she was struck by a vehicle while working a crash site. Trooper Chelsea Richard, 30, had served FHP for nearly ten years. Authorities say that charges are pending.

"Army to Open 33,000 Positions to Female Soldiers in April"

Jan. 28, 2014, via Military Spot: About 33,000 of the positions in the Army today that are closed to women are closed because they were in units that were designated as direct ground combat. That will change this year in units that are not under Army Special Operations.