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Welcome to what I think will be a very enjoyable and educational visit about women’s role in changing the world. Women are powerful and have the ability to affect great change when motivated and able.

Highlighted on Same Shield is women’s role in traditionally closed professions. These include law enforcement, the military, diplomacy, espionage, and private industry.

You will have the opportunity to take a walk through history and to understand the evolution of these professions, as we know them today. In the process you will learn of the sacrifices and the challenges faced by women as each of these pioneers took the initial steps towards inclusion in their respective felid. Their motivations were no different then those faced by modern colleagues, as they were driven by the desire to contribute to society and unafraid of change.

Also highlighted on Same Shield is the role that women are playing internationally, from politics to community health. Women are accelerating the pace of development and transition across the world. Included here are some of the stories of inspirational women.

I have been involved in law enforcement for nearly three decades and during that time have experienced a great deal of the joys and the challenges associated with the profession. I am hopeful that this site will in many ways demystify the profession, establish educational and professional guidance, and provide resources for further exploration as young people make career choice in a world forever changed. Kathleen Kiernan

Latest News Stories

"Army to Open 33,000 Positions to Female Soldiers in April"

Jan. 28, 2014, via Military Spot: About 33,000 of the positions in the Army today that are closed to women are closed because they were in units that were designated as direct ground combat. That will change this year in units that are not under Army Special Operations.

"Will Helen Clark be the First Woman to Run the UN?"

Jan. 27, 2013, via The Guardian: In the course of a political career that has lasted over 30 years, Helen Clark only thought of quitting once. With a personal poll rating of just 2% soon after becoming party leader in 1993, she asked a few close friends whether there was any point continuing. "They said, 'You've just got to keep standing there', which was the best advice. If you keep standing, actually very few will come after you."

"Film Helps Women Soldiers Find Safety at Home"

Jan. 26, 2014, via USA Today: Therapy and participating as one of the subjects of Service: When Women Come Marching Home, a documentary film about women transitioning from active duty to civilian life, helped Kalinowski.